Tämä listaus on kaukana täydellisestä, täydentelen listaa sitä mukaa, kun kirjoja kävelee vastaan tai niitä vaikkapa olen puhunut niistä jonkun kanssa.  Minulla on useampi hyllymetri tekstiilityökirjoja, niin siitä ei synny listausta ihan sekunnissa…

This bibliography is just an embryo, I’ll keep filling it in any time suitable books happen to be at hand or when I’ve e.g. talked about them with somebody. I’ve got several meters of shelving with books on textile crafts, so the list will keep growing for a while…


In English
  • Fuller, Elaine (ill. by Smith, Sorrel): Lucet Braiding. Variations on a Renaissance Cord. Lacis Publications, Berkeley, CA USA 1998.

Tupsut / Tassels

In English
  • Crutchley, Anna: Tassel Making. Apple Press, UK 2007. ISBN 978 1 84543 210 2.

Pitsit / Lace

In English
  • Early Literature of Lacemaking. “Old Point Lace”, “Point and Pillow Lace”, “Lace: Its Origin and History”. Coachwhip Publications, Landisville, Pennsylvania 2009. ISBN 978-1-93058-594-2.

Kirjonta / Embroidery

In English
  • Detrixhe, Sandra: Zen and the Ar of Needlecraft. Exploring the Links Between Needlecraft, Spirituality, and Creativity. Adams Media, Massachusetts 2005. ISBN 1-59337-375-9.
  • Browne, Clare and Wearden, Jennifer: Samplers. From the Victoria and Albert Museum. V&A Publishing, London 2010 (orig. published 1999). ISBN 978-1-851-77290-2.
  • Wilkins, Lesley: Beginner’s Guide to Blackwork.  Search Press, United Kingdom, 2002. ISBN 0 85532 937 8.
    If you want to learn traditional blackwork and especially if you are generally new to counted thread embroidery, this book is a very good (and affordable!) starting point.
  • Wilkins, Lesley: Traditional Blackwork Samplers. Search Press, United Kingdom, 2004. ISBN 0 84448 022 4.

Pukukirjat/ Costume Books

In English
  • Arnold, Janet: Patterns of Fashion 4. The cut and construction of linen shirts, smocks, neckwear, headwear and accessories for men and women c. 1540-1660. With additional material by Jenny Tiramani and Santina M. Levey. Macmillan 2008. ISBN 978-0-333-57082-1.
  • Mikhaila, Ninya & Malcolm-Davies, Jane: The Tudor Tailor. Reconstructing sixteenth-century dress. Batsford 2006. ISBN 9 780713 489859.
    Loistava kirja sellaiselle, joka on vähän jo ommellut ja haluaa tehdä historiallisesti oikeellisen renessanssipuvun. / A great book for those, who already know how to sew and who want historically accurate costumes of the era.

Tekstiilityöt, mittaaminen ja matematiikka / Textiles, measuring and maths


Grönros, Hyvönen, Järvi, Kostet ja Väärä: Tiima, tiu, tynnyri. Miten ennen mitattiin. Suomalainen mittasanakirja. Turun maakuntamuseon julkaisuja 9. Neljäs uudistettu painos. ISBN 951-595-108-9.

In English
  • Belcastro, Sarah-Marie and Yackel, Carolyn (ed.): Making Mathematics with Needlework. A K Peters Ltd, Natick, Massachusetts 2008. ISBN 978-1-56881-331-8


    • Unfortunately the book is out of print and has been that for many, many years, which makes it very hard to get. If you get really lucky, you may get it through, a page for the Finnish antiquarian bookshops. As transferring money from Germany to Finland is relatively easy, the shops will probably sell the book to you. However, they have none in stock now, I checked. But you can send a “wanted” message to their email, (this is what they say in Finnish on page

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